What a Laboratory Technician Does at Work

A laboratory technician works to complete tests as directed by a physician. You will help patients by providing them with the tools needed to detect and treat diseases, and by providing testing for non-medical procedures, such as taking samples for DNA testing. This is a great job in the medical field, and is also one that is in high demand.

What You Do

A laboratory technician is an important position in the medical field, since many diseases and illnesses are detected through the use of the tests that you will complete. You may need to take samples from the patients that are referred to you, or they may be provided by the physician that ordered the testing. Patients typically visit your lab to have blood drawn and give you other samples as directed by the physician.

The training that you have will be an important aspect of your career. Different levels of training are often directly related to the different jobs available as a laboratory technician. Most people complete a minimum of two years in college, where they earn a certificate or an Associate’s degree that allows them to work as a technician. There are also more advanced degrees available in this field, which will allow you to perform more complex procedures and tests.

Your Future

One of the great things about getting training as a laboratory technician is that there is a bright future for those with training in this field. In fact, this is one of the positions in the medical field where more applicants are needed, so you won’t have to worry about getting a job once you have completed training. You will also begin with a great salary, and will work in a professional medical environment that allows you to develop your skills greatly.

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